Haere Mai, Haere Mai, Haere Mai o te Wānanga te Aroha

Welcome to the Wananga of Love, to our online Whare (storehouse) of our kete (baskets) of wisdom that we share from, point to and relate around in all we are expressing and bringing forth for our growth. Through our University we are Reseeding all the beauty full and pertinent sharings of our re-membering process of who we really are individually and collectively; the children of God with starbound gifts and talents that our Spirits came here to express in the Real and the Living. We pray that you may grow in your (re)learning into who you came here to be as free Spirit and Self Souvereign being of Love and Peace. We pray that you may come to know what is given.

~ Our Beloved Initiating Team
“The Ground Crew”


Living Library ~ Whare Pukapuka


Selected Books

Pertaining to our triune, our three kete (baskets), we place for you here links, descriptions and excerpts of the selected books that aid in the remembrance of our Human Nature, our place in the Natural Order of Life here on Earth and the resurrection of our divine “church within”.

Contained in these books are all intrinsic pathways and teachings to recultivate and renew our Mindsong into prosperous Gardens of Peace.


Selected Videos



Much has already been received and shared through the many writings that have come to us from our Waitaha Crone Mothers.

Our ‘whispers’ have all been compiled here to give more insight into the comprehensions involved in truly becoming free and vigilant again during this time of the Great Turning. May our Waterings replenish your MindGardens



Living Processes ~ kaiao tukanga