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Whare ataata ~
Video Library

Oh what amazing times to be Living and sharing in the many gifts we carry with us and what wonder full means do we have available to bring visual expression to all we wish to translate to you. As we find ourselves, anno 2019, in the thick of the “information age” we have selected carefully relevant and sometimes simply beauty full videoworks pertaining to the many commonplaces and uncommonplaces that we best address with you before we move into the navigations and explorations involved in the restoring of wholeness, freedom and peace in the internal landscape of the mind.
The balance from within that we are henceforth going to remedy, reform and recompence the Archonic Griphold with is a beneficial prerequisite as we intend to mend much greater ongoing disturbances in the Greater Patterns of our Universe. Tempered with for long enough, we must however not put our fate in chance or fantasy. And there is Time, oceans of time to travel and to time-travel when and if you are willing to engage your broader reaching perceptive abilities, inborn divine gifts and natural starbound talents.
This is the Great Turning and oh, what amazing times to be Living and sharing in the opportunities that Life has quietly been accreting and coalescing for us.