Ancient Dreamseeds of our Human Nature kept safe
Lotus wananga


the Return of the Wananga of Love

Many of us have known this for years, caught from the Whispers, the messages in the streams, the usherings in the Winds, the transmissions into our dreamscapes, the accessing into our hearts to timeline travel. Prophecised in so many forms to one and to all. Some where able to hear the subtle, receive the gentle and respond to the callings of our Grandmothers and Now we are here. The time is ripe and those called into this circle are and have been responding.

Gracefully our pattern has been set in motion, one that when followed, questioned in open curiosity and willfully pursued gives anyone access to our Ancient Metric, our pattern in the weave that is spun from our cosmic timeless loom, the truth of your Nature, the truth of Nature.

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Lotus wananga

Sharing from
Waitaha’s Universal Knowings

Our Waitaha Ancestors retained and preserved for us their conscious connection to Life lived in Syntropy.

They recorded their ways and traditions for us to continue the study of the Patterns within and of creation,
 so to find our place in the Natural Order, so that we may foster the ways of Peace, Harmony, prosperity and balance in all systems of Nature both within and without.

Their sharing was brought out of the shadows of silence so that we, their mokopuna,
may keep alive the truth of their deep knowings and wisdom keeping origins.

The Grandfathers’ Song and Grandmothers’ Whispers of Waitaha are
shared for the whole of our Human Family so that we may return and
nurture again our mindgardens with respect to our original place and purpose in this Universe.

The Waitaha Taonga is shared to help you re-member that we are all indigenous to this Earth
An intricate part of the Human Culture (of Love)
With beauty full response abilities.
For Life.

In this Wananga of Love these Taonga are referenced and offered as study material
so you take serious the Living Ways of Peace as a Warrior of Love.

Humble are these walkings,
Soft these sharings,
Love filled their doings.

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Lotus wananga

Natural Relating to Life

Through the Schools of Syntropy, Self Sovereignty and Self Love the Wananga of Love is here to:

  • help you remember the patterns in how everything in Life is performing a function with purpose -for- Life and how to make use of it’s purposeful function for your own growth and self liberation.
  • help you remember how to navigate in Syntropy with Life through Feeling Based Relating and Conscious Co-Living
  • support you in reclaiming your Self Sovereignty by explaining the source code of human suffering (trauma) and offering you insight to the true functionings of your emotional re-actions.
  • expose how (unconscious) programs in the English Language inhibit the natural functioning of your Divine Human Will and Freedom.
  • explain how committing to practicing Radical Self Love and Willingness is essential to be able to reintegrate (hidden) disassociated/ dis-membered aspects of yourself.

When you re-member how to navigate again from your own reclaimed Source and Inborn Wisdom
you can re-member how to effectively:

  • Remove and dissolve in Love any demonic, parasitic mind virus frequencies that have trespassed and acted against the Natural Order (Love), dissolving the trans-generational, epigentic imprinting of past sins and curses that plague humanity.
  • Navigate trans-dimensionally, through time and space to recall, revoke  and dissolve all entropic/ luciferic programs or archetypes that manifest (still) as patterns of believes in spiritual compounds of the collective human unconscious.

  • Help others in restoring  and returning to the living ways of Peace and Love from within.

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Lotus wananga

the Wanaga of Love

There are many to join in this journey as the Wananga’s Waka is charting a course towards the 2022 culmination of its’ efforts. At present there is a family of beauty full souls that have joined this Net to support the walk back into the World of Light that was marked as the beginnings of our Wananga Of Love in late 2017.

All content presented here on this site has been carefully considered and is the source code from which the Wananga of Love promotes its’ function in today’s world.

The Wananga of Love is determined and proclaimed into existence by sovereign human beings of earth through ratification of the Suntheke (mutual covenant) that serves as both its instructions and purpose governing and protecting its’ navigation within the modern world on Planet Earth.

In support of its purpose under Te Kupenga the Net, the Wananga of Love has received the appropriate intermediary vehicle that assists its larger mission within the expanses of finance.

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Lotus wananga

 Encouraging  This Wananga

To those whom wish to make strong and hearten the course of traveling.
To those whom feel the valor, courage (of heart) and are receiving these mindsongs.
To those who wish to assist this Wananga in all that is to be on its’ path.
From a place of peace, love and vigilance,

Wananga of love