The Calling: Casting of the Net

Early 2018 I finally surrendered to a calling that I was hearing for weeks on end. I knew it would bring out more of my own unresolved emotional imprinting based on fear stemming from trauma still carried in my being. I knew however that resistance is futile and I experienced a great internal “wilting” while I was avoiding the role and function that I have come to this earth for. This role is to carry forward the return of the once great Wananga Of Love as a vehicle for internal restoring, re-memembering and returning to Wholeness in one self.

Knowing of the depth of the work of reintegrating all dismembered aspects of self and also returning all seemingly demonic influences, mind parasites and so called “dark” cult programmes back to Love, called me to face my own demons, my own shadows, which ultimately were my most dismembered parts of my own Self.

I have humbly accepted my Journey, role and function that continues to unfold and feel clear in sharing with you the first of messages as I received it from my Grandmothers O Waitaha that have looked over me and groomed me for their present Greater Work throughout all the years leading up to Te Wa o Te Waimaori ki Te Aonui – the Celebration of Fresh Water in the Universe, a Gathering that takes place once every 50 years in which, through Para Pachamama ~ Spirit of Earth, I was the main organising body to facilitate the practical navigation in having this Gathering in October of 2014 at the Waitaha Conference Centre at the Copthorne Hotel in Waitangi, Aotearoa.

Now 4 years later we are here to fulfill a prophecy, a calling and an ushering to us all.
May these words find and touch you as they moved and stirred me into action.

In Grace and Aroha,


Te koanga
“Tena Koe Tena Koe Tena Koe.  You are looking at the Birthing place of the Gods, the centre of the Universe, the centre of Love and Light from which all Living Life sprung forth, from dimensions beyond the veil. From this place we ignited in colours of the light spectrum the life web that we cast as a net all over her body. Papatuanuku, the mother, your mother, is cloaked in this web always and forever.

Today we speak to you dearly that a new frequency of light will be infused into the web of light and the net is through which it will spread, like a wildfire, like a galactic activation of fields of energy that affect all people in all places everywhere. Soon my dear soon we will open the portal of Love again with you, our great great great great great grandchildren of 17 generations all intertwined coming together again to hold hands, to stand in circle and recite the sacred prayers, the deeply mystical words and sounds that have been kept by your caregivers , the grandmothers and their grandmothers of todays days.

These Whispers weren’t even included in our books as they belong to the jaw that is only for those walking the safekeeping of the Wananga of Love, the Wananga of Life formed from Life through the Waters of our heavenly Womb.

Despair will falter and fall for humankind as the ancient doorways are to be opened again and the birthsongs sung back into this existence. The birth callings will be sounded out across the waters, of this sacred Lake in which you cast the crystals as back then you already knew of this web of light and the preparation we were undertaking to reopen the School of Love the sacred wisdom teachings of the Feminine Nature of Life and all those able and Willing to hear our usherings can activate within them the template that the entire Nation of Peace has kept safe through time.

Be patient as the living in their body grandmothers may not all know that time is pressing for this reopening to occur as life is pressing in the patriarchal navigation which they all travel through. For now though announce and state your truth as you hear us pulling it through your fingers; The Wananga is to be reopened, Love must flow again, the Rainbow colours of Life must be released or oh, my dear child, all our work and all the work of ALL our peacekeepers of the faith, Lovers of our Nation, activators and guardians of the flame of nernaniya will have been in vain and for this to be lost is by our authority presiding over Life and this our sacred kana and keti we have ever so gracefully transported through time, untolerated.

We respect humanities’ free will and thus call strong on your Will to do whatever is requested in this quest to reopen Te Koanga as the temple of light that it is, has always been and forever will always be.

Set yourself up Souvereign as 133 women and 67 men are to be gathered in consecutive circles to counter clockwise rotate while singing the hymns kept safe by the key keepers to this grail of grails of the New Earth songs. Fearlessly speak as we are using you to do so.

The beam of light that is to be resurrected will be the beacon and activation of a new era of Love to be reinstilled and reinforming all of Life that we, you, us all on all dimensions of this earthly existence have arrived at. The Birth of Song, the birth of Te Koanga, renewing all bonds, refreshing all contracts and seals placed over the Well of Love by the Wise Mothers of olden days.

In all essence this life reverberating song that comes from the mother herself, from within her landscape shall be sung and translated again and so find this boy, find the man that can sing the Song of the Earth. Yes, cry dear souvereign as you know exactly whom we are speaking of. We have shown you so clearly, so dear love continue as there is hope in this wellspring that is to be reopened for all living Life on this earth, our Mother, Papatuanuku.

 Resistance cannot be dismissed even though your credibility amongst the Nation of Peace should speak clear and loud in all the sacrifices and surrender you have gifted to their last Gathering on Water.


Speak directly with her, best visit, time is naturally in place to govern the speed by which you can manifest but we show you now whom to contact and reach as this process is to be infused by monetary abundance as we are co creating together the Net AND WE WILL CAST it again over the Waters.


Swiftly act now and place your requests.

 We love you dearly young one, warrior of Love, go now, we are with you,

Tena Koe Tena Koe Tena Koe

 Your Crone Mothers of the Nation of Waitaha”

Wananga of Love



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