Purpose and Function

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Souvereign Nga Kaimoemoea for the Wananga of Love:

Through  the Wananga of Love (University of Greater Learning about Syntropy,  self souvereignty and self love) I am fostering awareness and support  for the establishment of both a physical Wananga, as a meeting place  (likely in Vanuatu) and a online learning centre for activating the  re-membering of who we really are.
The Wananga of Love is a  prophecised School of Rembering resounding the intrinsic natural  (ancient) knowings around the human culture of love and peace that we  naturally are in and of ourselves (when taking away all the entropic  cultprogramming).

I have been given, and remembered through  direct experience, the natural comprehensions on how to navigate the  internal landscape so to reassume true self souvereignty which is a  journey requiring ones’ willingness to learn, remember and let go of the  fear based programming that we have come to predominantly operate on  due to the unresolved emotional imprinting that still resides in our  cellular memory, psyche and emotional bodies.

By remembering  Human Nature (how we would naturally be navigating together, as the  mammals that we are, from a space of love and natural respect for the  free will of others) we access again what true souvereignty can be like  and consequently we can feel or sense that we haven’t been raised and or  programmed in any such awareness through the western cult that we were  born into.

This awareness about Human Nature leads to the  discovery of the socially engineered matrix that we are seemingly  “bound” to navigate in or around, yet through the comprehensions that we  can relearn from the syntropic natural strategies that ALL of Life  operates on, we can continuously make use of the functions for our own  growth so to free our past hurts up and truly reintegrate the  dismembered aspects of self back to wholeness. (Which is also what our  cells and human biometric is intrinsically “wired” to bring about:  dissolving the self souvereignty inhibiting imprinting from the past so  to prepare and ready the human biological form for the full expressing  and expressions of our spirits’ star bound unique gifts and qualities  that we ultimately have come to earth for to express as an  “individualised” form of consciousness.)

From this awareness of  us having a “deeper” Life purpose on a so called “spiritual level” we  can again see that there are inhibiting field frequencies that have come  into our experience that have thus far diverted humanity at large from  expressing this “higher form” of consciousness. Instead we are en-mass  experiencing the effects of this #warculture #violenceculture and at the root essence of it all a luciferic satanic ritualistic #rapeculture  that is truly serious about both its efforts and fantasies of what it  wants to attain as a parasitic mind virus feeding of humanities’  divinity. Call it world domination or the fantasy of breaking the “God  Particle” (Syntropy) all their severely damaged actives and fantasies  are ultimately still bound by the syntropic nature of Life all we have  to do is ask the question of “who is the host?”

Answering this  question allows us to feel into the “why” we aren’t living as the self  Souvereign hosts that we are and navigating life as being our own self  autonomous leaders in love.

Transgenerationally induced trauma  that has been socially engineered is “the craft” by which humanity has  been taught brought down to operate out of fear and a ridiculously long  list of behaviourally programmed belief systems is our collective result  in how most humans subconsciously navigate: a slave based mentality,  fearing rejection, repercussions around expressing our will, asking  permission for navigation to perceived “external authorities” and yeah,  wow, the list is long as the cult programming has run ramped over the  past millenia, ever increasing its souvereignty and natural freedom  suppressing orientations, using fear as the main strategy for humans to  relinquish their souvereignty a little more at every intersection with  external agencies, as we navigate the matrix. In full reality they are  all but offers to contract but due to fear, based on unresolved trauma,  people outsource their response ability over themselves and their kin  all over the place and interestingly most people have become so  desensitised that they can’t even access their deeper emotions as fear  is the main highway that drives their behaviour.

A pretty intense  reality check with oneself is what Syntropic relating can bring about.  The beauty about Syntropy is that in all forms of all contexts the  syntropic nature of Life as the Natural Order defines the ultimate flow  and direction of anything that happens on the earth because all of Life  on earth or happening in Living forms of human behaviour only ever  perform a function with purpose. We naturally benefit simply questioning  the function to be able to make use of it for our own growth.

Wether micro or macro, whether singular or plural, whether short phased  or going over long durations of time all that ever happens here on our  Earth is forever bound by the syntropic nature that Life simply is wired  to operate from and on.

Syntropy in that sense is the missing  link that when questioned and actively explored can assist us to realise  we have a choice to operate from judgements and protection of existing  (programmed) beliefs or to operate from a place of curiosity in which we  can come into awareness of the function of what is occurring for us as  we experience another “conflict” with “other”, the external reality or  so called “third party”.

When we question the function we are  inevitably (if we want to come to peace and return to self souvereignty)  having the choice to explore the “self” that reacts (or is preoccupied  with thoughts that keep recurring) which when properly comprehended (as  to how the internal landscape of the human biological, emotional and  spiritual metrics are storing, processing and functioning based on  Syntropy) can give access to the innate pathways of how our human form  is “”wired” to resolve the unresolved, how to reintegrate the  dismembered aspects of self that disassociated when we were unable to  process such emotionally charged experiences when we were much younger.  (And this is most often because the majority of people were already  violated at birth or gestated in trauma carrying wombspaces)

I am  feeling in absolute clarity within myself that in our pure essence our  Self Souvereign Spirit and Mindsong is unconquerable, indistructable and  infinitely capable of manifesting from pure source consciousness beauty  and abundance in cocreation with Life on this earth.

Some say we  “fell” from grace. Syntropic relating however can clearly show us that  humanity has been severely hijacked, manipulated and artificially  programmed to operate instead on fear to serve a kleptoparasitic cult of  satan worshipping beings that more than anything fear (and thus have  done everything they could think of) to suppress humanities’ innate self  souvereignty and the human culture of love we actually are  collectively.

Still all that is being trespassed against humanity  due to the entropic transgenerational cult programming we have been  lured into through the artifices of “hierarchy”, lack and scarcity  compounded by a rigged monetary system, only ever performs a function  for our collective and individual growth (if we make use of the  syntropic function) as our Nature, the Natural Order of Life, as the  absolute truth of living existence, in and of itself simply is that: The  absolute manifestion of truth that we are Souvereign beings with Free  Will and innately wired to be a human culture of Love.

The syntropic internal landscape of the human biosphere

Syntropic relating is all about following how Nature functions in and  of itself, remembering the strategic pathways that it operates on and  leaning into those pathways so to accelerate our return to this sense of  self souvereignty, feeling free (not preoccupied with the past or  “others”) and this love filled feeling of being inspired to cocreate  more beauty, abundance and harmony together with others, whether through  community, home based projects or personal development.

The  natural comprehensions I have accessed through Syntropic relating are  very much part of an “ancient” pre-mind-programmed consciousness. The  beauty of choosing to get ourselves to base our navigation on Syntropic  relating is that *succession* through time (life as a movie; growing,  changing and ever expanding biodiversity and resiliency over time) can  be regained as one of the most significant ways to non judgementally  relate to the “history”, cult programming, mind controlling systems and  their development and complexification through time – all from a place  of curiosity, free of judgment, with the potential to offer us  continually opportunities to free ourselves more and more from  internally stored imprinting around injustice.

Practically navigating Self Souvereignty restoration.

The only already known challenge of this returning to self Souvereignly  navigating Life is that -full response ability- is required to become  willfully activated in order to come closer to this desired state of  peaceful presence with Life in oneself and the systems of both abundance  and beauty we can create from that space within our selves.

The  challenge in this is the cultprogramming that runs thick and thourough  throughout humanities subconscious all across the modern world, which,  by almost everyone is not known to exist (hiding in plain sight) or  feels too confronting to be really real with.

The full reality is  that every human has their natural blue print of their human nature  (based on our ability to feel and navigate from our free will) fully  still in place within the entire biometric of their whole being. We have  just been artificially programmed, through the inducement of early  childhood trauma being imparted onto us by the traumatised generations  before us, to operate on fear (entropic relating to life) and have not  been shown how to (like children) simply be curious and follow our  Nature as we experience life on the earth with eachother. We have been  programmed to forget our individual and collective Human Nature and the  intrinsic interconnected web of relations that we share and are part of  with all other sentient Life on this earth.

Part of this  mentioned challenge of the cultprogramming is that the only place where  such programming can be resolved is solely within oneself as only one  self can restore self souvereignty within one self and yeah, this  requires open willingness to stop judging and instead questioning why  the reactions occur to the “world out there” or “other”.

Everything in life performs a function with purpose, always, all we have  to simply do is question the function, but after 10.000 plus years of  systemic patriarchal programming or #wetiko  spreading like wildfire, we are at a “rock bottom” place within our  collective human family that is navigating with not only compromised,  stunned and fragmented “Wills”, but also hidden and totally veiled,  -unnamed- innate natural knowings of how life actually functions and it  is from the Ancient and Natural Knowing of the ancient wisdom tradition  of the Waitaha Nation, imparted to me by my Waitaha Grandmothers, that I  draw and give form to my remembrance of all I share and speak of.

Syntropy, through the study of Syntropic Agroforestry has been the  missing link that allowed me come “undone” from decades of “believing”  and thinking instead of simply feeling and thus knowing my sense felt  “yay” or “nay”.

Life is actually “simple”, or better put,  navigating the path of least resistance or “optimal flow”, always,  wherever it is active. So if you can’t explain what you are  experiencing, witnessing or relating to internally or externally,  simply, in simple terms and wordsounds that are based on feelings or  relatable experiences that we can witness in Nature around us (as in  living processes), then very likely you are relating from an entropic  orientation.

This relates to our human -feeling based- nature  again and goes into how to reenable our natural abilities to relate  primarily from our feelings.

Through the study of Syntropy, and thus human nature, I remembered that #feelingbasedrelating is our natural form of navigating life with each other. This I share on through the #wanangaoflove.  It is the roadmap based on Love (Syntropy) to reclaim self souvereignty  and restore a human culture of Love internally and subsequently  externally, together.

If you feel attracted to relate more around this, I feel open to engaging with you

In grace and Aroha,