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Addressing our Intendings

“What we are here to address is about the Wananga of Love, the Nakal Mystery School of Mu, Lemuria, the Ancient Mystery Schools of Egypt, the Essesnes, the Magdalen lineage, the Gnostiocs that all remembered the original teachings, the teachings of Christ (which are but innate knowings of Mans’ rightful place within this matriarchal creation called Life on Earth).

So the Trinity remembering Nature, Human Nature, Life and how it functions through Syntropy..

By remembering Human Nature you remember the School of Souvereignty, that freedom and peace and liberty are the normality experience of a human being on earth and returning to that state is an amazing journey and feat in itself but also only natural as it is what we all come here to be ultimately and originally.

Make Love(2)

And Souvereignty requires Syntropic Thinking as to remember how life functions is to remember your nature, which allows you to see how you are not living that by lingering in the past or safe guarding your future.

What all of this has to do with the parasites “running this world” it is that the Trinity of our Wananga was and has always been our divine form through which we have helped heal entire cultures of their diseased minds and infiltrated cultural thought patterns.

We have called it different things and named it in different ways but it is all the same Trinity. For this day and age we see clearly that Re-membering Syntropy, Souvereignty and Self Love are the Holy Church within that needs to be resurrected if people want to become free again from the programming that is haunting and fracturing their lives internally.

Love is the way Home
Will is the way there
and Home is your Nature
and all of Nature is based on Syntropy.

Self Love and the school thereof is what allows sovereignty to become a real reembodied experience as no one can return to freedom and peace without love for Self and deep love for all the shadow aspects of self (all the traumatised parts and dismembered aspect within the psychological landscape called the mind).

Self Love needs Will though, which is held in the School of Souvereignty. Self Love and the luster of it is only watery and wavy by itself.

For reenabling of ones Nature, Love is not enough. You have to Will it. The trauma induced onto humanity is way to severe for “just Love” to come and wash away the pain, you have to be willing to go to the pain, open the pain, crack the wall and will access to the memories in order to truly be able to let love flow through that space within your being again.



May this sharing lead to inspiring actions and willingness to be of true service to Life by simply being really real with what is really going on in your thoughts so you can make use of the past to bring you, with more ease, each step of the way, into the present, the only place where Life actually takes place.

Arohanui our beloved Moko’s,

Your Crone Mothers of the Waitaha Nation


Te ono o Matariki(1)(1)
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Purposed Functions

We have each been called to come onto this Journey of Returning the Wananga of Love back into the world of Light for our own growth and soul emergence so to be of service to others being called in.

From Love we are shining a bright light onto the veiled aspects of our current human culture. Exposing and illuminating wetiko, humanities mind virus, the Archonic grip and its many forms and ways its’ cult programming keeps humanity lingering in the past of unresolved experiences, perpetuating an artificially induced state of humans abdicating and relinquishing their self Souvereign nature, asking permission and believing in external authorities and their ‘power’ over oneself.

As only the living have power for we are of Spirit, ‘authorities’ require our spirit-power to become relinquished to them so to become ‘powerful’, such is and has forever been the Archonic plot against the children of God.

Henceforth all the work carried out through this Wananga Of Love is to help free humans individually from their unresolved trauma, to release this grip by providing beautiful Life supporting comprehensions for the navigation of the internal landscape orientated towards restoration of our unique wholeness.

Through sharing from the three internal Schools of Syntropy, Souvereignty and Self Love a template is laid to assist everyone called in to re-member who they really are. This is deep and transformative work that exposes the corruption of mind programming and is unveiling the hidden entropic systems of thought by which humanity has been manipulated to stay obedient, fearful and in self perpetuation of trauma.

Please welcome anyone into our Circle of Love,


Our Beloved Initiating Team
“The Ground Crew”

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Teachings We Are Sharing

Through our triune of Syntropy, Self Souvereignty and Self Love, in great detail and depth are we sharing and unveiling the hidden knowings that are intrinsic to humanities’ self awareness of our place and purpose here on Earth.

Trans-generational cult programming has made us “forget” our innate and natural stance in Life, with Life from and for Life. From our three kete (baskets) of knowledge we bring from the shadows and the silence that has kept it safe, our growing weave of our own remembering of the patterns of Life, the Patterns of the Universe set out by Io the parentless creator, wisdom lived actively by our Ancestors over many ages, in many lands and places, now being re-seeded.

Bountiful are our recrudescences of our knowing on restoring from within Peace and Love.
And yes, lofty are the Healingways of minds, inner and outer that we return for all our children, within and without, past, present and future. For it is time.


“It is now the time of Tumatawerra.”

– Grandmother Ivy Elizabeth McAnergney, nee Baird,
of the family of Ngati Rakai and Ngati Pakau

Grandmother Ivy Elizabeth McAnergney in the summer of 1999 stated quietly to those gathered around her. It is time for Waitaha to step out of the shadows and to walk tall like our ancestors did… It is now the time of Tumatawera, and the laws of the land have become softer to the voices of the grandmothers of Waitaha allowing the teachings of our ancestors to be written for the benefit of our children and our grandchildren.

(Excerpt from the book description)
~ Whispers of Waitaha: Traditions of a Nation

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Returning our Knowings

Many Are Our Recrudescences

Many are our recrudescences from our kete o te wānanga, our three baskets of knowledge, attained for us by Io Tane Mahuta, protected through time by all our Ancestors for the prosperity of Peace, Love and Healingways to be continued by us; the living remnants of a once great and harmonious Human Culture of Love.

We have in our totality much more to share than what is permissible here and is purposed to our zealous mindsong. These pages are thus formed to render to you all that is relevant at your first meeting of what we are gently returning, reseeding and watering. We pray that your mindgardens  may become reinvigorated in Syntropy with with Life’s holiness, peace and vigilance and that we may tend our gardens together for there is no greater joy and purpose than to walk in the footsteps of our Ancient Wisdom Teachings together.


We name and unveil the hidden, yet, natural comprehensions residing in all humans about the syntropic nature of Life. The study of Syntropy is the missing link that leads to remembering our self Souvereign Human Nature and how to navigate the restoring process.


Varying in duration Co-living Experiences (retreats) are welcomed to facilitate the deepening and swiftening of processing and returning to wholeness within oneself. Naturally giving rise to the growing of our Wananga of Love as a vehicle for transforming transgenerational trauma and collective field consciousness deprogramming.


Most relevant it is to self activate and make use of established processes that, based on the syntropic strategies of Life, are working templates to assist in restoring your Whole Self to a state of wholeness, freedom and feeling at peace.


Our deep rooted awareness of who we really are and what our function is during this time has everything to do with the restoration and renewing of bonds, an energetic resetting of humanities’ “consciousness operating system” being rebooted so to become accessible at large operating again from it’s natural state. This resetting process is to be carried out during several ceremonies at various sacred sites across the earth, culminating in 2022 to our final renewal of bindings ceremony in Aotearoa.


Humans are all social creatures, feeling based beings. Based on our social nature we emotionally process and resolve most effectively when we are met by the reflection of others that are willing to receive and be present with us. For this a safe group container of is created.


All are sharings and insights are our gifts we received from Creator Spirit Io. We wish for these gifts to be received freely and openly by you and the wider community called into our Wananga of Love. Naturally reciprocating gifting through Koha is welcomed. Your kindness expands our shared support for each other and what we are here for.